Jay Severin lies about Obama’s “civilian police force”

On Friday, November 9, Jay Severin answered the questions asked at President-elect Obama’s press conference as if Jay were saying what Obama really thought. About 5 minutes into his monologue, Jay included the following (again, speaking as if he were Barack Obama):

I have already said on my web site that I’m going to establish a civilian police force as well funded as the United States military. My own personal police force out there.

I certainly don’t see anything today at www.change.gov about this, but I understand that web sites change daily. Perhaps the change.gov site at one point included language similar to this section from barackobama.com, in which plans to expand AmeriCorps and other service programs are discussed.

How did AmeriCorps get transformed into Obama’s “personal police force?” One can only speculate that Jay’s knowledge of the issue is limited to a 20-second clip of a speech from last summer, which has been posted on YouTube. A more enlightened version of the facts behind that clip is available at FactCheck.org.

Thanks to MyDD for reminding me about Jay’s statements.

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