Has Jay Severin found his mind?

Is it possible that a little R&R actually did Jay Severin some good? This is the man, you may recall, who belittled “ho-ho-homosexual marriage” by saying that a man could no more marry a man than he could marry a penguin. This is the man who, in an attempt to ridicule two callers named Dave and Jerry, joked that they had invented an ice cream flavor called “Chocolate Fudge Packer Pal.” And yet when I tuned in during the 6:00 hour of yesterday’s show, I heard Jay giving a vigorous argument against “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” on the grounds that everyone should be given an equal opportunity to serve in the military. Moreover, he was disagreeing with a woman who is currently serving! (“Thank you.”)

It’s as if Jay woke up and said “hey, wait a minute … my philosophy is libertarianism, not being a reactionary, conservative, power-to-the-powerful-white-male prick.”

It was probably just a fluke, but it was a pleasant surprise.

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