Jay Severin can’t figure out a milk carton

Another example of Jay Severin’s sub-standard reasoning skills:

Today Jay said he had been looking at a decoration on a milk carton that said “No Artificial Growth Hormones.” From this, he came to two conclusions:

  1. Artificial growth hormones are bad for you.
  2. Jay has been drinking milk containing artificial growth hormones all his life, and only recently have artificial growth hormones been removed.

Conclusion #1 make some sense. It is reasonable to conclude that the manufacturer of this milk wants Jay to believe that artificial growth hormones are bad for you. But conclusion #2? Here’s an alternative explanation. Artificial growth hormones have recently been introduced by some milk producers; however, the brand of milk Jay buys is (and has always been) artificial-hormone free.

Which of these conclusions would you have come to?

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