Jay Severin’s whoppers on health care

A few comments from Jay today. These may not be exact quotes, but they’re pretty close.

  • “The Obama administration is trying to engineer the death of its citizens.”
  • “In a few years, 50 is going to be the new 80.”
  • “There’s only an “In” door at the front of a hospice. There’s only a chute at the back door of a hospice. I’m not knocking hospices.”
  • “The government will advise you to go to a hospice instead of getting treatment.”
  • “Government workers will go around to senior citizens and counsel them how to die.”
  • “There is a how-to-die book written into the law.”
  • “Everyone on a mandatory basis is going to be shoved into a government-run health care plan.”
  • “By law, there will be no employer coverage of health care.”
  • “Children will no longer know their grandparents.”

Under the theory of sunlight being the best disinfectant, I direct you to Betsy McCaughey’s web site: http://defendyourhealthcare.us/

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