Jay Severin’s words finally on line

Sure, Jay Severin’s had a blog before, but this time it looks like maybe he’s going to stick to it. He’s blogged every day this week. The blog even allows you to submit comments. Interestingly, though, no comments have actually been approved yet by the moderators. I’m sure they just haven’t gotten around to it. It couldn’t possibly be that they’re too scared to allow public feedback.

Jay also has a Twitter feed. I’ll be monitoring this and tweeting back as appropriate from my own account.

Jay even has a Facebook page. For reasons unknown, he set it up as a regular friend page rather than as a fan page. And while I’d love to communicate with Jay’s fans via Facebook, there’s no way I’m inviting Jay to be my friend. So I can’t say a whole lot more about what’s there.

Unfortunately, Jay’s comments on his blog and on Twitter are short, so he doesn’t get nearly as much rope with which to hang himself as he does on the air. Nevertheless, I’m sure it won’t be too long before he writes something incorrect, illogical, or inane. Imagine me pointing at my own eyes and then pointing at Jay’s. That’s what I’m doing, Jay. I’m watching you.

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