I lied. I am Jay Severin’s friend.

A while back I noted that Jay Severin has a Facebook page. I said then that “there’s no way I’m inviting Jay to be my friend.” Well, folks, I broke my word. You see, Jay stopped tweeting in mid-January. And to my knowledge not a single comment has ever been posted on Jay’s blog. So I was having an awfully hard time trying to point out Jay’s falsehoods, contradictions, and other misstatements to the people who really need them pointed out: his fans. So I “friended” him on Facebook, and he accepted.

It can be fairly entertaining. Yesterday Jay posted this:

One frustration to which I admit is being First and Right on so many stories <check it out sometime: the topics/angles we cover are days/weeks ahead of other national/network media, including ntl talk radio) but, alas, as local show/host, no recognition for our prescience. So I am going to use my daily blog to start going "on the record"; we still won’t get credit – but there will be proof we were first/right.

I responded:

Refresh my memory … what exactly have you been first and right about? Where should I "check it out?" Perhaps you are referring to how you reported that Chicago was an absolute lock for the 2016 Olympics?

In the colloquy that ensued, I learned from other friends of Jay’s that I have “a very strong case of jealous rage against Jay,” I am a “petulant whiner and nobody,” I can be pictured “as a sociopath, paper tearing delusional,” and I feel “impotent.” It’s good to know that Jay’s fans are open to opposing views and that they don’t resort to personal attacks in order to defend their positions.

I’ve made comments on a half-dozen or so of Jay’s status updates and the man himself has not responded to any of them. I’m not surprised.

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