Why I don’t post here more often

I was taken to task recently by a couple readers for not posting here more frequently. They suggested that a low volume of posts on an anti-Severin site might imply a low volume of lies and other misstatements on Severin’s part. The problem is that I can’t listen to Jay very often, at least when I’m near a computer. Because if I do, my head starts to explode, I keep having to create more posts, and I don’t get any real work done.

Here’s the latest … Jay just said there is a “strong suspicion” that Bill Ayers is the true author of at least one of Barack Obama’s books. Does Jay ever bother to read anything that debunks some ridiculous rumor he once heard? I don’t mind that the folks at WTKK want to broadcast someone with opinions that are different from mine, but don’t they care that someone is using their name to spread lies?

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