Why I don’t post here more often

I was taken to task recently by a couple readers for not posting here more frequently. They suggested that a low volume of posts on an anti-Severin site might imply a low volume of lies and other misstatements on Severin’s part. The problem is that I can’t listen to Jay very often, at least when I’m near a computer. Because if I do, my head starts to explode, I keep having to create more posts, and I don’t get any real work done.

Here’s the latest … Jay just said there is a “strong suspicion” that Bill Ayers is the true author of at least one of Barack Obama’s books. Does Jay ever bother to read anything that debunks some ridiculous rumor he once heard? I don’t mind that the folks at WTKK want to broadcast someone with opinions that are different from mine, but don’t they care that someone is using their name to spread lies?

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  1. Oplease
    Posted April 6, 2010 at 7:50 pm | Permalink

    I agree that Severin is insufferable, but if you can’t run the site you should try to find someone who can. The guy lies endlessly, and the paucity of posts gives just the opposite impression. People should have a field day with today’s lunacy. Early in the show he quoted from a book that ‘fraud in war is okay, because all that matters in war is that you win’. That is Severin’s worldview! He has no qualms about committing fraud against his listeners (just calling them “the best and brightest” is an act of fraud) because getting them riled up with his lies and spreading disinformation faster than AIDS in a Ugandan whorehouse will help Severin win his anti-Obama war. Severin then went on and on about Obama’s announcement regarding nuclear weapons, claiming it abandoned the deterrent that had kept us free from attack for the past 70 (sic) years. That was the grounds for his impeachment ranting, too. Yet it is NOT TRUE. The deterrent that our nuclear weapons provided for the past 64 years was against attack by other nuclear nations. That remains to this day. The announcement that Obama made was that we would not use nuclear weapons against a NON-NUCLEAR country that had SIGNED THE NUCLEAR NON-PROLIFERATION TREATY. The countries we deterred for the past 64 years with our nukes all have nukes of their own, and so we continue to deter them with our nukes. The whole point is to make the US safer by removing a rationale some nations might use to justify acquiring nukes; namely, to deter America’s nukes.
    That was the main course of today’s lunatic ranting by Severin, but there was side-dish stupidity aplenty. A caller cited the release of the Iranian hostages as Reagan was being sworn in as evidence of the results appearing tough produce. Only “the best and brightest” could say something like that with a straight face; anybody with an actual functioning brain would say ‘Whoa, those 241 murdered Marines under Reagan shoot the shit out of that theory’. Since Jay Severin doesn’t have a functioning brain he told the caller he had made an excellent point. Severin also praised Nixon as a conservative. Nixon imposed wage and price controls on the entire economy. He also pushed for a health insurance mandate. Why isn’t Nixon thus a socialist and traitor?
    There was more, but you are right – it takes a lot to catalog the lies and stupidity of this “man”. If you don’t find someone or some people to do it, though, you are playing right into his hands.

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