Can I be to Jay Severin what Bob Cesca is to Glenn Beck?

Read this and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Recall that Jay Severin has called Glenn Beck his “hero.” You could pretty much do a search and replace on Bob Cesca’s column to substitute Severin for Beck in terms of communication strategy. One difference, of course, is that Severin doesn’t seem to be doing nearly as well financially as Beck.

It’s tempting, as Cesca notes, to ignore these charlatans. But to the extent that they are really influencing opinions, and to the extent that those opinions are having an impact in Washington and in state capitals, ignoring them is bad for the country. And we’ll never know for sure what role talk radio had in Scott Brown’s election, but it’s just possible that the Severins, Becks, and Limbaughs of the world are responsible.

I’m following you on Twitter, Bob Cesca. Show me how to expose a fraud.

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