I predict that Jay Severin is wrong

Jay has a nice way of making predictions that can’t be proven wrong. He won’t say “this is what’s going to happen.” He’ll say “it is looking more and more likely that this will happen.” Then if it happens, he says “as I predicted ….” And if it doesn’t happen and someone dares challenge his foresight, he’ll say “I didn’t say it was going to happen, I said it was looking more and more likely, and it would have happened if not for ….”

His latest quasi-prediction is that there will be a third political party by 2012 that will not only rival the Republicans and Democrats but will represent “an overwhelming majority of the vote.” Of course, he doesn’t say that will happen. He says that this scenario is “increasingly realistic” and “absolutely plausible.”

I say that ain’t gonna happen. Period. If it does – in fact, if the total number of House and Senate members seated in January 2013 belonging to a party that is neither Republican nor Democrat exceeds 50 – I’ll quit this blog and send $100 to whatever that third party is. Go ahead … prove me wrong.

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