Jay Severin is talking about the biggest story ever

Jay Severin said today, “without hyperbole,” that he is discussing “the biggest story ever.” Not only the biggest story ever, but “the biggest story in American history since the Revolution.” Still not impressed? Well it’s also “the biggest story in the history of talk radio.” Now THAT’S big!

So what could he have been talking about? The Louisiana Purchase? Slavery and the Civil War? Universal suffrage? World War II? September 11?

Nope, he’s talking about President Obama’s plan to “grant amnesty, citizenship, and the vote to twenty million illegal immigrants.”

OK …

And here’s the kicker: Jay thinks that “the biggest story ever” is so important that it will be “the dominant story [on talk radio] for the next month.” [Emphasis added.] Good to know that Jay’s listeners can concentrate on the biggest story in American history for an entire month. That’s a serious commitment!

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