I defriended Jay Severin

Jay (or Jay’s people) finally figured out that public figures are supposed to have fan pages on Facebook rather than (or in addition to) regular individual profiles. So as soon as his Official Fan Page went up, I “liked” it and removed Jay from my list of friends. I feel much cleaner now.

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  1. LaLuna
    Posted November 20, 2010 at 9:18 am | Permalink

    I recently unfriended him AND unliked the Official JS page. I credit you with doing so sooner. The guy is annoying. I was appalled some time ago about his insistence that HIS children be treated first and nearly ahead of all others at hospital emergency rooms. While I may agree that illegal immigrants are a financial and social burden, and the situation requires resolution, his attitude of super-entitlement has become nauseating.
    He “thanks” his listeners for his job, daily. I think he’s played this one out to the max.
    Oh, wait!! Perhaps he can hang on during the lull until momentum picks up for the upcoming prez election….within the 2 year window of opportunity.
    His underwear is showing.

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