Jay Watch is back

A year ago, the Boston Globe’s  Scott Lehigh announced “Jay Watch”, an attempt to call Jay Severin to task for “utterances that debase the dialogue.” As far as I know, Lehigh hasn’t published any columns on Severin since then. Until today, that is, when he relayed the news that Media Matters is now tracking Severin’s remarks.

Mr. Lehigh, I hope you will stay on the Severin beat. I haven’t been posting much here lately, partly because these days I find Severin completely insufferable. What I’ve heard lately hasn’t been offensive, necessarily, but merely stupid. Commenting on Severin’s nonsense feels somewhat akin to beating up a six-year-old.

I hope that Severin’s recent efforts in social media such as Twitter and Facebook represent his struggles to hold onto a declining audience. Any insider information on that, Mr. Lehigh?

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