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The right approach to health care reform

This has nothing to do with Jay Severin, but I’m posting this because some people have been asking me about my own views about health care reform. I have just joined The Archimedes Movement, which was founded by John Kitzhaber, the ex-governor of Oregon. Please read their core documents. Doesn’t everything they […]

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Jay Severin puts himself on the White House’s enemies list

In a shocking turn of events, Jay Severin said something on the radio last week that made me think, “That can’t be right.” And again, don’t forget the White House enemies list. For all you liberals who were upset when Richard Nixon had an enemies list in the White House, you still go to cocktail […]

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The Publius Manifesto

I have been thoroughly enjoying my debate with “Publius” in the comments to my recent post on Jay Severin’s conception of socialism. Publius’s most recent comments are so extensive that I prefer to respond to them point by point rather than lumping my entire response into an additional comment. I applaud Publius for his or […]

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Jay Severin struggles with definition of socialism

“Chris” called today and asked Jay Severin if this country has the best police forces in the world. (Yes.) Do we have the best firefighters in the world? (Yes.) Then why the great concern over government involvement in health care, Chris asks. And aren’t police and fire departments examples of socialism? Jay was clearly uncomfortable […]

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HR3200 and end-of-life planning

Jay Severin and Betsy McCaughey are adamant that under the proposed health care legislation, older people would get mandatory counseling about how to end their lives and would be pushed toward hospice rather than hospital care. Here’s the actual language, according to the version posted on McCaughey’s own web site. If you see anything here […]

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Jay Severin’s whoppers on health care

A few comments from Jay today. These may not be exact quotes, but they’re pretty close. “The Obama administration is trying to engineer the death of its citizens.” “In a few years, 50 is going to be the new 80.” “There’s only an “In” door at the front of a hospice. There’s only a chute […]

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Even Jay Severin’s guests are liars

On Tuesday, Jay had a guest: Betsy McCaughey, former lieutenant governor of New York. I thought the exchange was interesting because McCaughey was raving about the benefits to society of Medicare over the past 40 years, and she was troubled that the new health care reform package being debated would represent a step backwards. Jay, […]

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Jay Severin can’t figure out a milk carton

Another example of Jay Severin’s sub-standard reasoning skills: Today Jay said he had been looking at a decoration on a milk carton that said “No Artificial Growth Hormones.” From this, he came to two conclusions: Artificial growth hormones are bad for you. Jay has been drinking milk containing artificial growth hormones all his life, and […]

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If you like SeverinWatch …

… you might like Lynnrockets’ blog. Here’s a recent post about our friend Jimmy Severino.

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Please follow JaySeverinTwit

I don’t always have time for a full blog entry, so if you’re reading this I hope you will also follow me on Twitter. Look for posts by @JaySeverinTwit and/or look for the #jayseverin hashtag. I’ve only got 10 followers right now, compared to over 1,000,000 for Ashton Kutcher. That’s just not right!

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