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You win, Jay Severin

I had him right where I wanted him. And I let the little bugger get away again. Jay Severin was at the Hard Rock Cafe on Thursday in Boston. I went down there, thinking that I might be able to accomplish in person what I’ve been unable to do by phone; that is, to expose […]

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Jay Watch is back

A year ago, the Boston Globe’s  Scott Lehigh announced “Jay Watch”, an attempt to call Jay Severin to task for “utterances that debase the dialogue.” As far as I know, Lehigh hasn’t published any columns on Severin since then. Until today, that is, when he relayed the news that Media Matters is now tracking Severin’s […]

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Jay Severin’s favorite pollster

Remember when Jay used to go on and on about how Zogby was the only poll you could trust? Not anymore.  These days, only Rasmussen matters. Jonathan Chait of The New Republic has some background on this pollster and why he’s so popular with conservapundits.

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I defriended Jay Severin

Jay (or Jay’s people) finally figured out that public figures are supposed to have fan pages on Facebook rather than (or in addition to) regular individual profiles. So as soon as his Official Fan Page went up, I “liked” it and removed Jay from my list of friends. I feel much cleaner now.

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Jay Severin called me an a-hole again

After listening to an hour or so of nonsense about the biggest story ever, I had to call in. I got through after three or four attempts. After giving my name and town, I said to the producer, “does Jay have any interest in having a serious conversation with someone who disagrees with him?” I […]

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Jay Severin is talking about the biggest story ever

Jay Severin said today, “without hyperbole,” that he is discussing “the biggest story ever.” Not only the biggest story ever, but “the biggest story in American history since the Revolution.” Still not impressed? Well it’s also “the biggest story in the history of talk radio.” Now THAT’S big! So what could he have been talking […]

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Jay Severin signs on with the birthers

Here’s Jay’s Facebook status update from April 22, 2010, at 7:44 pm: GO ARIZONA! (Obama: show us the birth certificate! I demand as an American citizen to see it.) I really don’t think any further comment is necessary.

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I predict that Jay Severin is wrong

Jay has a nice way of making predictions that can’t be proven wrong. He won’t say “this is what’s going to happen.” He’ll say “it is looking more and more likely that this will happen.” Then if it happens, he says “as I predicted ….” And if it doesn’t happen and someone dares challenge his […]

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Does Jay Severin know his tax history?

Jay Severin has complained about many things during his 10+ years on Boston radio, but by my reckoning his most frequent and vociferous rants are about how much he pays in taxes. (“Half my money,” he often remarks.) Using the historical tax calculator from USA Today, we can get some idea of how much Jay […]

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Can I be to Jay Severin what Bob Cesca is to Glenn Beck?

Read this and you’ll understand what I’m talking about. Recall that Jay Severin has called Glenn Beck his “hero.” You could pretty much do a search and replace on Bob Cesca’s column to substitute Severin for Beck in terms of communication strategy. One difference, of course, is that Severin doesn’t seem to be doing nearly […]

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