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Help me expose Jay Severin as a fraud

I love the fact that people are upset about the small percentage of Jay’s lies, misrepresentations, and logical errors that have been called out here. So I am making a more prominent appeal than I have in my reply to comments on previous posts: Come blog with me! If you want to be a Severin […]

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Why I don’t post here more often

I was taken to task recently by a couple readers for not posting here more frequently. They suggested that a low volume of posts on an anti-Severin site might imply a low volume of lies and other misstatements on Severin’s part. The problem is that I can’t listen to Jay very often, at least when […]

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Note to Jay Severin on Roald Dahl

Jay just said of author Roald Dahl, “now he writes children’s books.” I don’t think so, Jay. Roald Dahl died twenty years ago.

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Jay Severin’s cries for impeachment

Jay Severin has been calling for President Obama’s impeachment for some time. Today he’s taken the level of intensity up a notch on news of the revised protocols for the use of nuclear weapons by the United States. Jay asked of the President’s decision: “Can someone explain to me how this is not impeachable?” I’ll […]

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Jay Severin lied today. No fooling.

Today, a little before 5:00 pm, he called the new health insurance legislation “the biggest redistribution of wealth in the history of humankind.” Jay, Social Security will pay out almost $800 billion NEXT YEAR ALONE, and it’s been running for 75 years. You’re telling me the health care legislation involves a bigger transfer of wealth […]

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I lied. I am Jay Severin’s friend.

A while back I noted that Jay Severin has a Facebook page. I said then that “there’s no way I’m inviting Jay to be my friend.” Well, folks, I broke my word. You see, Jay stopped tweeting in mid-January. And to my knowledge not a single comment has ever been posted on Jay’s blog. So […]

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Jay Severin: Listen to AmericanDad

Jay, please read this.

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I wish I could have seen the look on Jay Severin’s face

… when he learned that Scott Brown is helping John McCain’s campaign. And it seems that Jay’s BFF Mitt Romney has also endorsed McCain. Jay, how do you explain this?

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Will Haiti change Jay Severin’s view of the military?

One of Jay Severin’s many oft-repeated epigrams is that the role of the United States military is to “kill people and break things.” Given our armed forces’ tremendous efforts in the wake of the Haitian earthquake and the view among many high-ranking retirees that the military should be given even a more prominent role, will […]

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ClearCase_guy does a mean Jay Severin

Check out the comments from ClearCase_guy in this thread at FreeRepublic. Hilarious!

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