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Is Jay Severin making up quotations?

In Jay Severin’s blog today, he writes: There has been considerable evidence that this President is fundamentally out of touch with many of us – but none more head-shaking to me than news the Obama’s ordered their White House staff "nothing religious for Christmas…no manger, no statues, nothing…” That was a rather eye-popping quote, so […]

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Jay Severin’s words finally on line

Sure, Jay Severin’s had a blog before, but this time it looks like maybe he’s going to stick to it. He’s blogged every day this week. The blog even allows you to submit comments. Interestingly, though, no comments have actually been approved yet by the moderators. I’m sure they just haven’t gotten around to it. […]

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Jay Severin needs education on Secret Service

Jay Severin says the failure of the Secret Service to prevent uninvited guests from getting close to the President last week “illustrates how incompetent at Everything (including their own safety) is this administration.” Nice dig at the Obama administration, Jay. Too bad you overlooked the fact that the Director of the Secret Service has been […]

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Jay Severin is Anwar Al-Awlaki

I just finished reading a Huffington Post essay by Kamran Pasha. Pasha is a friend of a Muslim soldier who knew and prayed with Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Hood murderer. The soldier, called “Richard” by the essayist, describes Hasan’s relationship with Anwar Al-Awlaki: As Richard got to know Hasan better over the next several months, […]

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Jay Severin and Glenn Beck get Turked

I was unable to listen to Jay Severin’s hero myself, but fortunately The Young Turks got hold of the recording and they’ve posted it for our entertainment. Grab a barf bag and take a listen …

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Jay Severin moves up

WTKK has shuffled its weekday lineup, moving Jay Severin from 3:00-7:00 pm to 2:00-6:00 pm. My first thought on seeing this news was that Severin, having been forced to come into the Dorchester studio more often since coming back from his suspension, was whining about wanting to get home to his wife and kid earlier. […]

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Jay Severin’s hero

Here’s how Jay Severin described his 6:00 pm guest, Glenn Beck: “A hero of mine … and a friend.” Here some information that speaks to the credibility of Glenn Beck: MediaMatters Answers.Yahoo.Com I suppose it’s not all that surprising that a liar like Jay Severin would idolize a liar like Glenn Beck. I […]

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Jay Severin’s dumb-ass-ity, in his own words

The problem with the “public option” for health care, according to Jay Severin, is that it will kill the private insurance industry. Why? Because if businesses can move their employees to the public option, they can stop providing health insurance and save on premiums. I called him up, because I was a little unclear about […]

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Jay Severin slanders Van Jones

Jay Severin today referred to White House advisor Van Jones as a self-professed radical communist (among other things) and said that the validity of his (Severin’s) characterizations were easily available on the Internet. Yes, it’s true, that there are a lot of web sites that refer to Jones as a self-avowed communist, but they generally […]

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Why watching Jay Severin is important

I’m often asked why I bother to keep an ear on Jay Severin and take the time to point out his lies and distortions. “He’s just an entertainer,” people say. “You can’t take everything he says at face value.” While some members of his audience might indeed see Severin as nothing more than comic relief, […]

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